HW Air Heater

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With the HW Blower Air Heater it is possible to blow warm air through inflatables to dry it. The HW Blower Air Heater is easy to connect to the REH-1200, REH-1600, REH-1800 and REH-2400 of HW Blower. It also fits on the older models REH-1E, REH-1.5E and REH-2E. These must then have the option of mounting at the air inlet.

The HW Blower Air Heater increases the air temperature by 5-7 degrees in the first minute. For safety the HW Blower Air Heater stops heating at a temperature of 50°C. By heating the air, the inflatable can be more easily dried on the inside.

By increasing the temperature 5-7 degrees, the air already can absorb about 30% more moisture, causing the inflatable to dry faster.

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Available Per Direct
Certification CE, GS
Size 335 x 315 x 280mm
Voltage 220-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Wattage Air Heater 2500W
Weight 6 kg
Plug EU (Type E/F)
Brand HW Blower
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